AP Statistics Video Project

Your video production tools:

  • One True Media - easier to use, but perhaps not as many features. Must create a personal/group account.

  • WeVideo - can add photos and videos, upload music or use their soundtracks, record your voice, add text and transitions. Videos held on the WeVideo site or can be exported to YouTube, Twitter and Vimeo.

  • Windows Movie Maker - on our Birmingham Computers - go to START -> ALL PROGRAMS -> MISC -> WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER

  • Audacity - on your computer, go to Start-All Programs-Misc and choose Audacity to record sound for your project. If you need it at home, you can download it from here.

  • Flip cameras and recording headsets - can borrow from the media center to use during class (time permitting), lunch and X-block. Cell phone trade required to check out flip camera.

Other Presentation Resources:

Storyboard your project -

From the Knight Digital Media Center webpage: A storyboard will help you organize what you're trying to say and present it best using the available media resources. Think about these things:
  1. What should you video?
  2. Where will you use still photos?
  3. How to best use audio - recorded speech, sound effects, music clips?
  4. Where can you incorporate graphics?
  5. Where and how do you need to use text to explain your concept?
  6. How can you put all of these elements together so your video tells the right story?

Places for photos:

Remember to see if any attribution or credit is required for public use.

Places for royalty free public domain music:

...and royalty free sound effects: