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Search initially on for your chosen architect. Also search on gvrl_lg.gif

infoplease and both have biographies for selected architects as well.

Check Famous Architects, Encyclopedia Britannica Online and Great Buildings Online/Architects

Links to Architect Biographies on the Web:

Walter Gropius
Julia Morgan
Stanford White
Thomas Walter
Frank Lloyd Wrigt and here
Sir John Vanbrugh
Louis H. Sullivan
Paolo Soleri
Eliel Saarinen or Eero Saarinen and here
Henry H. Richardson and here and here
Andrea Palladio and here
Oscar Niemeyer
Eric Mendelsohn
Benjamin H. Latrobe and here and here
Inigo Jones
Thomas Jefferson and here and here
Antoni Gaudi and here
Sir Christopher Wren and here and here
Buckmeister Fuller
Daniel H. Burnham and here and here
Filippo Brunelleschi and here and here and here
Donato Bramante
Gian Bernini and here and here
Peter Behrens
Dankmar Adler and here and here
Alvar Aalto and here
Leon B. Alberti
Yamasaki (architect from Detroit)
Giotto and here and here
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
Sir Edwin L. Lutyens
William LeBaron Jenney and here
Richard M. Hunt and here

To research specific types of buildings, try these links:

Start with gvrl_lg.gif-- recommended search terms for GVRL are noted on the table below

Examples include:
Planned Communities
Search "suburbanization" and "planned communities" in GVRL
Library at University of Maryland - Part 1
Library at University of Maryland - Part 2
Living in space
Underwater living
Cooperative housing
Ancient housing
Grand Hotel
MSHDA article
Kalamazoo Public Library article
Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon official website
National Park service website
The White House
The White House at
The White House Museum